This page being a collection of links to all Brewers Guild Competitions, past and present, for the edification of the populace.

Any meeting of the guild, properly notified, will be listed here.


Bjorn has offered to host a Guild competition for Fields Of Gold 2019, on 30/11/2019 in Politarchopolis.  The competition is for a wheat beer.  All entries can be dropped into the “hole in the wall” tavern.  Judges will be confirmed at a later date.  Please ensure there is enough to share some of your brews with the populace for comment.

Period brews would be preferred, and documentation would be wonderful.

Iames Douglas, Clerk.

Canterbury Faire 2019 – Brewers Guild Competitions

Every Year we have:

A tasting/Guild Meeting at Canterbury Faire (Mid-late January, Chch NZ)

A tasting/Guild Meeting at Rowany Festival (Easter, near Sydney Australia)

Years gone By:

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By Pan Maksymilian Ziębicki | Link