February 2017

A New Apprentice in the Guild

My Dear and Fellow Brewers, Cordial Greetings to you all!


It is with happiness that I announce that Baron Nathan Blacktower, Master of the Pelican and Knight, has had diverse members of the populace attest to the standard of his brews, and is now enrolled as an Apprentice in this Fine Guild.  I note for those who might find travel difficult that His Excellency had local Citizens of Good Standing to attest to his own production of the beverages; thus even if you must send your brew off to judging without you being present, it can still be judged and feedback given.

I look forward to hearing of the brewing competition at the coming Border War and remain


Yours in Service,

Padraig Lowther, Clerk of the Guild
at Innilgard on the Feast of St Benedict of Aniane, during the reign of Ariston and Lilivati


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