June 2024

New Rankings & Upcoming Competitions

Unto the Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers of Lochac does Clerk Bjorn send Greetings,

It is my honour and duty to declare that the following members of the guild have achieved Ranking within the guild.

Lord Padraig Lowther achieved the rank of Craftsman, with his Cabernet exploration of Maceration, Cabernet Guava Blend, Cabernet from Amphorae, Sir William Paston’s Mead, and Cabernet for the Wilderness having been found of Particular Merit by Master James Douglas, and Master Ianto van Diemen. Craftsman Padraig’s Cabernet for the Wilderness achieved a Gold Bell (1st Place) in the Experienced Category in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition held at the Crown Tournament for the succession of Aonghus I & Ginevra I last March; and his Cabernet from Amphorae also achieved a Silver Bell (Judges’ Honourable Mention) at the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition at the Coronation of Anghous I & Ginevra I last November. Craftsmen Padraig has also demonstrated service to the guild, an understanding of medieval verses modern methods, and has shared his knowledge, skills, and understanding of the above on more than two occasions, by the witness of Master James Douglas and Master Ianto van Diemen, as well as by dozens of others I am certain.

Congratulations to Padraig Lowther, newest Craftsman of the Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers Guild.

I, Lord Bjorn Bassason, achieved the rank of Apprentice, with a brew made by my hand having been found Drinkable by the witness of Apprentice Rosalind Beaufort and Apprentice Stuart the Brewer.

Lady Otillia Simion achieved the rank of Apprentice, with a brew made by her hand having been found Drinkable by the witness of Master Ianto van Diemen, and Apprentice Rosalind Beaufort.

Congratulations to those members who have thus achieved higher Ranking in the Guild.

The current Ranked Membership is listed on the website here.

I heartily encourage members of the Guild to hold Tastings and Competitions of the Guild that the noble Art may be thus shared amongst one another and with the populace. And I further encourage members to explore the Rankings of the Guild as a pleasing yardstick of achievement, and to inspire others to like achievement in the noble Art.

To that end, I am announcing a Tasting to be held at Inter-College War XXV, being held this year in the Barony of Mordenvale in just over a month (5th-9th July). Therein I will sponsor a Competition.

“Short Mead”

All brews must contain fermented honey, and be brewed within 6 months of the competition. The winner shall receive the last bottle of my Light Bochet which won the Silver Medal in the Specialty Category of the 2022 Hunter Homebrew Competition.

Master Ianto has also announced the Competition for next Rowany Festival, being the victor of this year’s “Something Red” Competition set by Craftsman Padraig Lowther.

“The Favourite I Keep Making”

Master Ianto hopes this will give people a chance to present a recipe they are practised at, and know how to make well. It does not have to be made specifically for the competition if you already have it available and ready to drink. Do tell us when it was made.

Master Ianto is putting up a RAPT Pill Hydrometer & Thermometer as the prize. This piece of sorcery measures the specific gravity and temperature of your brew wirelessly from the inside.

If you would like to run a Guild competition, please let me know so that I can advertise it on regular Guild channels.

Yours in Service to the Guild of Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers


Virðuligr Drottin Bjorn Bjarnylr Bassason ór Bjarneyu


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