To the brewers vinters and imbibers of Lochac does James Douglas send warm greetings on this, my final missive as Guild Clerk. At our meeting at Rowany Festival on Thursday, we had 13 attendees and three candidates stand for the consideration of the gathered Guild to take over as Guild Clerk, with Rosalind Beaufort winning the vote. I would like to thank Lady Ottilia and Lady Cat for also nominating for the role.

The Fruit wine competition set by Master Paddy in 2019 had seven entries from Rosalind, Aymer and Bjorn submitting entries. Rosalind won with her excellent date wine. As such Rosalind gets to set the next Roweny competition, which she has set as “Medicinal Brews”.

Then into the tastings. I stopped taking notes at 19 brews, including meads by Bjorn, Beatice and Griffid, Umburto’s Netherlandish Beer and my Gose, Ulfuss’ Porter delivered by Ulf, and my yppocras.

On the Saturday, I attended the Laurel Prize Tournament with my Gose. At the end of the Tournament, when I was back in my camp, a messenger arrived to direct me and my Gose to the Tavern, where the Crown waited for me. At this time, I was offered entry into the Order of the Laurel, which happened in Court on the Sunday morning. I was most surprised, although I should have been more suspicious, with my knight, his Laurel wife, my wife and son, and Master Drake and Mistress Elenor there.

In finishing, I plan to continue brewing, improving on my Gose and other period beers, and wanting to try the medicinal brews. I would encourage everyone to leep brewing, enjoy the process, and have fun sharing your produce with your friends.

Yours in Service,

Iames Douglas

Former Guild Clerk and Master of the Laurel!

In Strathcorbie

From the lands of the Wiradjuri.

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