At Rowany Festival this past 19th day of April AS58, there was held an Annual Meeting of the Guild in accordance with our Charter. At least 28 Lords, Ladies, and other Gentles were present for the meeting. Most, if not all of whom are Members of the Guild.

Journeyman Padraig Lowther conducted the business of the meeting.
THL Bjorn Bassason was confirmed as the new Clerk of the Guild
Journeyman Padraig gave a good explanation of rankings as they are in the guild
The guild Competition “Something Red” was conducted with Master James Douglas, Thomas Bacchus, and Ottilia Simion judging.

There were nine entries in the Competition.
Journeyman Padraig presented his Cherry wine made using a recipe from the Closet of Sir Kenhelm Digby, and also presented  a Lambic-style brown ale using the cherry pomace from that wine
Uberto Renauldi presented 2 styles of Mulberry Cider
I myself presented a black raspberry liqueur in the style of Chambord
Isolda Daye presented a Blackberry Sekanjabin based on a period recipe that I apparently did not write down
Apprentice Rosalind Beaufort presented Raspberry soda and a Red Ale
Master Ianto van Diemen presented his Blackcurrant Melomel
After extensive deliberation, the judges determined Master Ianto to be the winner, with Isolda Daye a close second.
Journeyman Padraig offered up a mash paddle for the winner of the competition, which Master Ianto offered on to Isolda since he does not mash.

The meeting then opened up to a general tasting, interjected by a brief discussion of the Guilded Symposium. The event will be held 23-25th August in the Shire of Bordescros (Yackandandah, VIC). More information to come.

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