March 2017

New Guild Apprentices and Guild AGM

My Dear and Fellow Brewers, Greetings!

It pleases me to write that we have two new Apprentice Brewers in the Guild, being Rosalind Beaufort and Bjorn Sæmundarson.  They are well and gladly known to the Mordenvale Company of Brewers, and welcome members of the Lochac Guild as well.

Additionally, the Rowany Festival beckons, and with it our Guild’s Annual General Meeting.  Business for this meeting may be submitted to me at , though you should know that the business will also include the Election of the Guild Clerk.  I have enjoyed my tenure as Clerk and intend to stand again, and request that if any wish to contest the election with me, that they inform me by the means mentioned above and wish them good fortune in the election.  The duties of the Clerk are not onerous; they are to foster the actions of the Guild, promote the Arts thereof and their Mysteries to the populace, to furnish the Kingdom A&S officer with a report after Rowany Festival of the Guild’s activities and to organise the Guild AGM at Rowany Festival.  The AGM is currently scheduled for 3pm on Saturday in the Tavern, though this may well be subject to change due to the controlled chaos of Festival.

I hope that this finds you all in good health, and know that I remain

Padraig Lowther, Clerk of the Guild
In Drachenwald on the Feast of Saint Patrick of Malaga,
During the reign of Ariston and Lilavati

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