June 2017

May Crown Brewing Competition and Guild Rankings

My Dear and Fellow Brewers, Greetings!

I apologise for the delay in this missive, but I have been kept busy with the requirements of my estate.

At May Crown last was held a competition on Meads and Fruit Wines, and I congratulate Wolfgang Germanicus on winning the competition.  This completed his requirements for advancement within the Guild, and so I am pleased to name him a Journeyman of the Guild.  Additionally, William Montrose has completed the requirements to be name an Apprentice of the Guild, and has been recorded as such.

I hope that this missive finds you well, and look forward to seeing you all in future.

Warm Regards,

Padraig, Clerk of the Guild,
In Innilgard, on the Feast of St Saturnina, Ariston and Lilavati being Crown



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