Guild Charter


Charter of the Lochac Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers (BVI) Guild

See the medieval-esque version of the charter as presented to us by the crown at Mid -Winter Coronation 2014 here. Brewers guild charter Medieval75

(As ratified by the Guild using an online survey during May 2014)

  1. The purpose of the Guild is to:
    1. Build a network of SCA people who are interested in brewing etc.
    2. Practice brewing, wine making, mead making, liqueur making, distilling, and associated arts in the style of the Medieval and Renaissance periods;
    3. Encourage appreciation of Medieval and Renaissance beverages though imbibing
    4. Further research and the study of period brewing techniques;
    5. Make available information on all aspects of period brewing as it pertains to the SCA;
    6. Maintain an index of information and period sources;
    7. Educate the populace and thus foster awareness of brewing arts in the Kingdom; and
    8. Maintain a web presence aimed at the members of the Guild and the historical brewing community at large.
    1. Membership is open to any person within the SCA Kingdom of Lochac.
    2. Members choose their own level and style(s) of involvement including as:
      • Brewers
      • Vintners
      • Liqueur makers
      • Distillers
      • Samplers
      • Judges
    3. Membership is automatic for all subscribers to the Brewers Guild Mailing list at
    4. Membership can also be granted by the Clerk of the Guild to those without email access.
    5. Interested gentles from other Kingdoms are welcome as non-voting members of the Guild
    6. Members of the Guild shall abide by the applicable alcohol laws of their respective countries, and by SCA corpora. Also they shall not be dicks. Membership of the guild may be revoked by the Guild Clerk for lawbreaking or repeated dickheadedness. (This clause being known as the “Roheisa” clause)
    1. The administrative head of the Guild is known as the Clerk of the Guild, and shall hold office for a term of one year. They may be re-elected to the position, however no Guild Clerk will serve any more than four consecutive terms of office.
      1. It is not necessary for the Guild Clerk to be present at the meeting to be appointed.
      2. If the Clerk is not present they must appoint a representative to chair that or future meetings.
    2. One month before Rowany Festival the current Clerk will call for nominations for the position. Any active guild member is eligible for the position of Guild Clerk. All nominees will be announced to the Guild’s membership on the email list two weeks later. Voting will occur over the next two weeks on the mailing list. The results of the poll will be presented at the Rowany festival meeting of the Guild for ratification and be announced to the mailing list and the Kingdom A&S Officer as soon as is practical.
    3. Should the Guild Clerk resign before the end of their one year term any member can call for nominations and the above procedure will be used to appoint a replacement, with the exception of asking a meeting of the Guild to ratify the poll result.
    4. The Guild Clerk is to ensure that the guild has:
      1. a current listing in the Lochac Guild Guide
      2. an up to date website on the Lochac server
      3. a functioning mailing list on the Lochac server where the subscriber list is the Guild membership list
      4. submitted a charter acceptable to the Kingdom A&S Minister and published said charter on the guilds website
      5. at least three currently active guild members (from a geographically diverse area) with moderator access to the Guild’s mailing list so as to ensure that someone is always available to approve new subscriptions to the list, and moderate spam.
    5. The Guild Clerk may appoint a Webwright to maintain the Guild website as necessary.
      1. The Guild Webwright shall use the “Kingdom of Lochac Web Ministers handbook” which can be found at
    6. The Guild Clerk is to submit and annual report on the state of the Guild to the Kingdom A&S officer, including the minutes of the Festival meeting, immediately following Festival each year.
    1. The Guild will publish to the mailing list all official communications, notifications and news. This list shall be the official point of contact for the Guild.
    2. Other forums may be used for discussion, sharing of resources and information, but any notices etc. will not be considered official unless also posted to the mailing list.
    1. An Annual Meeting of the Guild will be held at Rowany Festival for the purposes of ratifying the election of the Guild Clerk, making changes to the Guild Charter, and discussing any other Guild Business.
    2. Sub-meetings of the Guild may also be held, with the approval of the Guild Clerk, at the request of five or more Guild members.
    3. An Agenda of items should be published by 12th Night so that discussion can be held at the Canterbury Faire Guild Meeting (if there is one) and on the mailing list prior to the Festival meeting.
    4. Agenda items need to include tabling the report as submitted by the Guild Clerk to Kingdom A&S for the year, the appointing of a New Guild Clerk, the acceptance of minutes from the prior meetings and any other business called for by the membership during general business.
    5. The majority view of the members present at the Canterbury Faire meeting, other sub-meetings and on the mailing list should be taken into full account by those present at the Festival meeting.
    1. At Rowany Festival 2015 a new Guild ranking system was proposed and voted in and can be found on the Rankings page of the Guild website.
    2. The guild ranking system complies with the Kingdom A&S officer’s request that each guild member be responsible for their own guild paperwork and should keep copies so they can resubmit should paperwork get lost.


By Taryn East | Link