November 2020

November 2020.

Good greeting, Brewers, Vinters and Imbibers of Lochac! My, what strange times we find ourselves in. I hope this missive finds the members well, as we come blinking back into the daylight in the hope of some semblance of normality.

I wish to bring to notice of the membership some happenings within the Guild.

Kotek Torzhoskoi will be conducting a Guild tasting on the Thursday, 12/11/2020 after opening Court at Golden Flight 2020, being held in Southron Gaard. I would commend Guild members attend and support Kotek if able. If you are not a member, but are going to the event, please join in and enjoy yourself with the largess of some of the Kingdoms best brewers display their craft.

For those attending Golden Flight and seeking advancement in the Guild’s ranking system, please speak to Kotek for forms.

Staying in the Islands, Canterbury Faire is approaching, on 24-30 January, 2021. The Guild normally has a strong showing at this event, and I enjoyed myself the time I was able to attend. We are seeking a volunteer or two to run the tastings at this event, and provide a brief run down to myself afterwards. If you think you would be interested, please contact me.

As there was no Rowany Festival, there was no Guild Meeting. If we are able to meet again at Rowany Festival in 2021, I would hope to retire from this role and return to my estates. As such, please consider volunteering to become the next Guild Clerk. If you are interested, again, please contact me to discuss what this entails.

Also, I would like to thank Master Drake Morgan for his session on Discord in May on Basic Beer and Ale. This channel is available if anyone was thinking of running any classes, or just starting a discussion.

Again, I wish our members well, and hope to catch up soon, and raise a glass in company as events recommence.

Yours in service,

Iames Douglas.

Guild clerk.

In Strathcorbie

From the lands of the Wiradjuri

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