Guild Members

The following is a list of all ranked members of the Guild.  Members who have not requested ranking are not currently listed.

To join the guild all you need do is sign up to our mailing list.

Our most active presence is at the Guild’s Facebook Group.

If you would like to achieve a guild rank, please either complete the paperwork at an event, or use the online grading form.

Guild Masters:

Master Drake Morgan Craig Jones (Saint Florian de la Riviere)

Master Gunnric MacAlpin mka Alec Roberts (Mordenvale)

Master Ianto van Diemen mka Ian Vowles (Saint Florian de la Riviere)

Master WulfWine of Grimwald mka Craig Hobden   (Mordenvale)

Master Rurik farserkr   (Politarchopolis)

Mistress Elena le Breustere: mka Kathryn Bird (Innilgard)

Mistress Iseabail inghean Domhnall mhic Donchaidh: mka Taryn East (Rowany)

Baron Asbjørn Pederson Marsvin, Knight, Master of the Pelican and Laurel (Darton)

Mistress Rohesia Le Sarjent: mka Belle Sibly (Southron Gaard)

Baron James Douglas, mka Paul Willis, Master of the Pelican and Laurel (Strathcorbie)


Luan An Fael: mka Selwyn Mc Callum (Darton)

Padraig Lowther, Master of the Pelican: mka Paddy Neumann (College of Saint Ursula)


Lord Wolfgang Germanicus (Aneala)

Damian of Southron Gaard (Southron Gaard)

Mistress Aveline Goupil, Mistress of the Pelican: (Southron Gaard)


Elayne Montjoye: (Stormhold)

James of Southron Gaard: mka James Piesse (Southron Gaard)

Giles Ballad: mka Jason Atkinson (Southron Gaard)

Vhailor: mka Lukáš Janků (Southron Gaard, Darton and others)

Marcus: mka Marcus Osbourne (Darton)

Stephanos Maniakes Pogonatos: mks Stephen Keightley (River Haven)

Angus MacDougal: mka Paul Cooper (Mordenvale)

Alessandra de Florenza

Lord Agostino Tamburri (Abertridwr)

Lord Imar mac MailCollum (Abertridwr)

Alpin Battleblood

Lord Götz von Hamelen (Aneala)

Lord Þorleifr Þorgeirsson (Abertridwr)

Lady Susannah Scarlet (Abertridwr)

Lady Sorcha ingean Uí Bhradagáin (Aneala)

Baron Nathan Blacktower (Aneala)

Lady Rosalind Beaufort (College of St Ursula)

Lord Bjorn Sæmundarson (Mordenvale)

Lord William Montrose (Politarchopolis)

Lord Maximilian von Monsterburg (Southron Gaard)

Kotek Torzhoskoi, (Southron Gaard)

Howard of Gildenwick (Gildenwick)

Sir Master Vitale Giustiniani, Knight and Master of the Pelican (Southron Gaard)

Lord Bjorn Bjarnylr Bassason ór Bjarneyu (College of St Crispin)

Lady Ottilia Simion (Rowany)

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