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The Head of the brewers guild is call the Clerk. This is both a period term and causes less confusion with with the Peerage orders who use the terms Mistress or Master.

Dauid de Cochrane

Dauid has been an SCA member for 24 years, resident in three kingdoms. Honoured with an AoA, together with Orders of the Rowan, Nock, Golden Tear and Star & Lilly. Previous officer positions include Reeve of Atenveldt’s College of St Felix, Captain of Archers followed by Baronial Seneschal for Southron Gaard, and Co-Steward of Canterbury Faire. You may have bumped into him at Festival once or twice. Brewer of the occasional ale, a refined Elderflower wine, and distiller of a somewhat controversial Balkan Slivovitz. Occasional archery marshal, instigator of funky dance moves in the Barony of Aneala (and elsewhere), and slayer of Floof, the Dreaded Cute Fluffy Bunny of Tir Ysgithr. Mundanely, David Marsden has a graduate degree in Viticulture & Oenology from Lincoln University, and three years’ experience working in the Marlborough wine industry. There is not much about Sauvignon Blanc he doesn’t know, though he by far prefers the mystery and elegance of Pinot Noir. Contact him here.

List Moderators

Our mailing list is moderated by four well-known and trusted members of the brewing community.  Contact them here.

Rurik farseker

I am Rurik farseker (Order of the Laurel, Brewing) is a 11 Century English brother who finds the company of the heathens in his parish far more enjoyable then he probably should. Through pilgrimage, diplomatic work & travel for church administration he gets to come into contact with many, varied people & places.

I currently live in Thursday Island in the Torres Strait where I don’t get as much brewing done as I once did. I am one of the founding members of the Mordenvale Company of Brewers and brew for various taverns around the area. I was also Clerk of the guild (& proto guild) for about five years.

Mundanely I hold some qualifications from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling of the Guilds and City of London (what the Brewers Guild of London turned into) and have worked in the homebrew industry in sales, teaching, product development and manufacture.


Elena le Breustere

I am Elena le Breustere (laurelled for brewing), originally from 14th century England, however due to… circumstances… I moved to France and found that there was much better opportunity for me to practice my trade. My most recent venture was the inauguration of my tavern ‘The Suspect Barrel’, this being my first experience of serving from my own taps and kegs. I currently have an opening for a new ‘Barrel Boy’ as the previous one just didn’t have the stamina for the task.

I am a Mistress of the Laurel, formerly apprenticed to Master Drake Morgan and whilst I am based in Innilgard I regularly travel and you may well find me in Stormhold, Krae Glas, Politarchopolis, Mordenvale, Festival (wherever there is brewing going on) and all other places I can get to. I have been interested in and doing period brewing for over 15 years, which is co-incidentally how long I have been involved in the SCA. I have previously been our local reeve and also enjoy fencing, dancing, field and book heraldry, running and assisting in feasts, run our local children’s boffer, play a lot with the College of Blessed Herman and will sew garb under sufferance.

My brewing mainly focuses on meads, fruit wines, ciders and liqueurs and I have also recently started dabbling in gruit ales. I only make period drinks and have never, ever, made anything from a commercial kit. Ugh… I have taught a series of basic brewing workshops in Stormhold and am currently running a similar series here in Innilgard. If you ask me I love to share my knowledge and if I don’t know the answer to something I will help you research it or direct you to the person who is most likely to know it.

RohesiaRohesia Le Sarjent

I’m Mistress Rohesia Le Sarjent, 12th century Norman Palestinian, Laureled in Calligraphy and Illumination and since resigned but also a Member of the Order of the Pelican. I have been invited by the Masters and Mistresses of the guild to join their number, so I am a Mistress of the Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild of Lochac.

I live in Southron Gaard (mundanely Christchurch, New Zealand) and have been involved with the SCA for nearly 35 years. I dabble in a great many SCA arts including wine making, distilling and perfumery, costuming, cosmetics, cooking, painting, stained glass and too many others to name. I have a reputation for giving anything a go, once. I’m also a dab hand at research, know way too much about the crusader period and recently authored (with Rurik and a gentleman from the Midrealm) a new Compleat Anachronist on Medieval Brewing #171. Contact her here.

Padraig Lowther

by Wit, Skill, and Tenacity a Herald of the Court of Lochac, a Journeyman of the Guild, and a Master of the Pelican, sends Greetings Most Hearty. My brewing interests are varied, and currently centred on Wine, as I live in Innilgard, being Adelaide mundanely, and one can source Grape most easily. In the past I have focussed on Gruit, Fruit Wines and other sundry beverages, as I work to Practice and Share the Art. Beyond the Art, I can be convinced most easily to Converse on Diverse Subjects of Experiential Philosophy, such as the Arts Geometric, Arithmetic, Chymic and Physic.

I have also, as a past Clerk of the Guild, agreed to serve as one of the Moderators, and trust that all who post do so in such a manner as to grow their Renown and that of the Guild, and not to engage in such Vile Activities as would warrant Censure. I pray thee, Good Cousins, we are all here for the Love of the Art and a Good Time, so we should maintain the List thusly.

Previous Clerks of the Guild are:

Rosalind Beaufort 2022-2023

James Douglas 2018-2022

Padraig Lowther 2016-2018

Rurik farserkr 2012-2016


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